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Mother Tongue Kangaroo stories

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The International Linguistic

Kangaroo Contests

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What makes the LINGUISTIC KANGAROO contest popular around the world?


  • All participants receive a certificate.
  • ILK tests are of the highest quality and standards.
  • ILK tests prepare students for future language assessments such as TOFEL, IELTS, Cambridge English Tests, and others.
  • ILK has no age or class barriers; all students aged 6 to 19 can participate.
  • ILK motivates students make it rewarding, challenging and fun.

The Contest is organized by SIGMA in collaboration with its local partners

What is the Linguistic Kangaroo Contest?

ILK Contest is a fast growing competition available internationally and we welcome you to join the international community of the Linguistic Kangaroo.

What's the Linguistic Kangaroo's aim?

It aims to develop multilingual competences and inspire intellectual curiosity for languages and civilizations around the world, in young minds.

How does the Linguistic Kangaroo Contest work?

The Linguistic Kangaroo Contest can be organized for various foreign languages (i.e.: English, French, and German) and for mother tongue. The ILK contest consists of a test containing 30 to 50 questions.